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Security and protection

Security and protection

Securing your data is vital. That's why we ensure to provide you the highest level of security and confidentiality possible. Each account iKeepinCloud has been designed to provide maximum availability throughout the year so that data loss is virtually nonexistent.

Redundancy : your data is duplicated 3 times

IkeepinCloud is more than a dedicated server, it relies on the infrastructure of Ikoula's cloud. It is completely secure and protects your data at all times thanks to the fully redundant equipment. Indeed, your data is duplicated 3 times on 3 different dedicated servers, and in real time. If a server goes down, ie if a server crashes the 2 others will take over. In addition, iKeepinCloud is saved on three independent floors in our last generation Datacenter located in France.

Confidentiality of your storage space

The data you give us is private and can not be accessed by anyone other than you. Each iKeepinCloud account is personal and no access is allowed without the consent of its owner. You're the only one to manage the privacy of your data

Encrypt your data

Current access to your data is secured by an SSL certificate. Your data transfer is secured and encrypted. You want to be absolutely sure to have maximum safety when you transfer files? iKeepinCloud also offers you to choose the level of security of your data that you want. Follow our tutorial "Maximum security" for more information. This transfer method offers, in addition to the already high security offered by iKeepinCloud, to transfer with an highly secured protocol (SFTP).
Note: Be aware that increasing the level of security always leads to a decrease in the speed of your transfers.

How to secure your transfers to its maximum Data encryption with TrueCrypt

High physical security

Your data is stored under high security in our Data Center located in Reims. It was designed to forbid any form of intrusion by a complex system of video surveillance, alarm and security checks. Each extreme case was expected: a fire safety system and advanced flood or building energy self-sufficiency in case of power outage ensure the safety of your data even under extreme conditions.