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OwnCloud by iKeepinCloud

iKeepinCloud: The best way to secure your data in the Cloud

Do you know what should be simple? Protecting Your Data
Losing your documents, photos and videos is unacceptable. But your options are limited:

  • Investing in a equipment capable of withstanding from thefts to hacking, fire or flood
  • OR
  • Find an online service which can store your data in a safe and confident space

This is what can iKeepinCloud do.

By partnering with Owncloud technology, iKeepinCloud protects your data by duplicating it on 3 different servers located in France as long as you want.
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Backup and online sync

Your computer, your phone and tablet are automatically synchronized to keep your data accessible from anywhere.

  • Synchronization client: powered by OwnCloud, store your files, contacts, photos, calendars and more... Synchronized between your devices.
  • Undelete: Restore a file that you have deleted by mistake. All deleted files are not available in the "Trash" tab of your interface.
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Sharing with the world

Simply and instantly send any file, regardless of its size is the essential advantage of iKeepinCloud:

  • To make discover your holidays photos to your family
  • To send in emergency an entire folder of documents to one of your colleague
  • To share the latest adventures of your cat to your friends.
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Access your data anywhere

Everything you store on iKeepinCloud is available on your computer, tablet or phone. Your documents, presentations, videos, music and photos are accessible anytime, anywhere.

  • Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  • Streaming for permanent access to your music and videos.
Download the iPhone app   Download the Android app

Import IKIC: Import a large volume of data at a glance

Transfer and secure a large volume (50GB to 1TB) of data in the cloud may take you several days or weeks.

Our offer Import IKIC transfers your data directly out of your storage devices using the high-speed internal network of Ikoula bypassing Internet.

  • Data migration: Import IKIC is faster than Internet transfer
  • Remote backup: To store your important data on a reliable and redundant space
  • Crash Recovery: To quickly recover your data in case of incident

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Your data are safe

iKeepinCloud guarantee you the best security possible to host your data:
  • Your data is hosted in our own Data Center located in France . You're the only master data . Only you have access.
  • The data in your account is duplicated three times on three different dedicated servers, and in real time.
  • The current access to your data is secured by an SSL certificate. Your data is transmitted in a secure and encrypted manner.
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