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Multi-protocol platform

Log in to your iKeepinCloud space using 5 of the most well-known protocols. Our solution is thus compatible with almost all software programs, which facilitates access to your documents.

  • WebDAV (HTTP and HTTPS) via programs such as Cyberduck, Nautilus…
  • FTP and FTPS via programs such as FileZilla, FireFTP…
  • SFTP over SSH via programs such as Cygwin, BareFTP…

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Backup space

Immediate access to your files from any device: at the office, at home or even while you're in transit. You won't have to carry around disks, removable memory devices or send emails with important files any more. iKeepinCloud provides you with independent, secure storage space that is accessible 24/7 from wherever you are!

  • Unlimited storage
  • Accessible from all types of devices
  • Sustainability guaranteed

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Mobile applications

Dozens of mobile applications are available to help you store and consult your files from anywhere at any time. Get the most out of your Smartphone, Android or even iPad with these applications, which are easy to use and for the most part free.

  • Over 10 applications are compatible with WebDAV
  • Mobility guaranteed, enjoy complete freedom
  • For all types of mobiles

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Notice for developers

We have several articles you can read to better understand how to use different libraries with your scripts/programmes to interact with your iKeepinCloud storage space via the WebDAV protocol.

  • Several languages are supported (Python, Perl, PHP...)
  • Reach thousands of users, thanks to the portability of WebDAV on all computers
  • Applications for a specific use (Photos...)

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A simple and practical web interface

Based on the very famous WebDAV protocol, the interface was developed to facilitate navigation between documents. You can therefore directly manage your files through the web interface or use a software program, depending on your needs.

  • Web interface accessible on all browsers
  • Simplify file management
  • Multilingual control panel: French, English and German

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