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Access to your iKeepinCloud interface

Access your iKeepinCloud Web interface V2

Web interface powered by OwnCloud, document management becomes a breeze. Versioning, restore deleted files, sharing and streaming audio / video are just a few features available among others.
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Sync your computer with your others devices

What is your iKeepinCloud account number* : What is your platform* :
* Your 5-digit login ** FR02: matches any accounts created after January 25, 2013

Sync your files automatically and permanently from your computer, smartphone and tablet.
Windows Client Mac Client Linux Repository

1Install the sync client on your computer. When setting "Open a connection with ownCloud," complete the following sentence at the server address:

2Check "Use secure connection"
Enter your 5-digit login and password in the fields below.

3Connect! Click on the application installed on your computer to configure, add, or delete files in sync

Windows    Linux    Mac OS X

Create online storage without any software

1Your iKeepinCloud address \\\

2 On your Windows desktop, right click on "Computer" and select "Map Network Drive", then paste your iKeepinCloud address (from the generated address above) in the "File" and click "Enter '

3Enter your account number and your password.
Note: If your computer is in a domain, the login must be prefixed with a "\" at the time of authentication.

4Start storing all your data!
Visit our section Help & FAQ for more tutorials installation.

Your public share

You know now store your files. Have you noticed the folder named "Public" in your storage?

All your data stored in this folder will be automatically shared publicly.

Your contacts can access your shares through public only this URL:

Connection to public directory