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Developers, conect your API with WebDAV

Developers, connect your API thanks to the WebDAV

We have several articles you can read to better understand how to use different libraries with your scripts/programmes to interact with your iKeepinCloud storage space via the WebDAV protocol. These libraries allow you inter alia to upload (PUT), download (GET) and delete (DELETE) stored files.

List of languages supported:



S.M.B / Samba Protocol

The S.M.B protocol ("Server Message Block", best known as C.I.F.S for "Common Internet File System") allows the resources sharing (files and printers) et imprimantes) on local networks. It allows access to resources of other computers running Windows operating systems (natively), Apple Mac OS X, GNU / Linux, BSD and Solaris (via the application "Samba")

Advantages of SMB and Samba are:

  • Excellent performance (broadband, latency, number of users)
  • Reliable, stable and easy to implement (maybe used without any client on the most recent systems)
  • Many powerful tools available to simplify the administration server (Apache, programming languages​​, ...)