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How to back up your Flex server on your iKeepinCloud online storage?


Backup your Virtual Hard Drive

This Q&A explains how to back up your Flex server on an iKeepinCloud online storage.
This option is available for all the Ikoula's virtual server: VM for 1€, Flex'Servers et Flexicloud.

Connect to the Ikoula Extranet:

Click on the option «Virtual server»

Choose the server you want to backup. On the management page of your server, click on the option “Backup”, choose your iKeepinCloud account and finally, click on “Backup”
Your server will process a backup. Your server will stops during the copy on iKeepinCloud.

Server management page: Extranet, Virtual server: Backup

Recover your Virtual Hard Drive

1- On the management interface of your virtual server, click on "VHD Recovery"

2- Select the virtual server on which you want to apply the previously made ​​backup.

3- Select the snapshot stored in your iKeepincloud account as a restore point and click "Restore".

Extranet, Serveur Virtuel: Restauration